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TDA Home School Program

Are you frustrated and tired of the public or private school system?   Would you like for your child to be in a small classroom environment?   Trowers Dream Academy offers a home school program for students K-12th. Our program is focused towards guiding your child into a life of educational achievement. Rather than following ...

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Back to School

Don’t wait until your student falls behind in his/hers classes to get them enrolled in our tutoring program. It is much easier to stay ahead in class than to fall behind and try to catch up! With tutoring programs for reading, writing, math, and more one of our programs is perfect to keep your child ...

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Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision is to provide a place that will help nurture and develop future leaders of the community, by cultivating an environment and mindset that is challenging to oneself; by empowering them to go beyond their goals and aspirations. Our organization aims to help our youth acquire the necessary education, skills, and resources needed to ...

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Schedule your next Tutoring Session

Make sure your student stays academically challenged with one our qualified tutors. Getting a tutor for your student is important because each student learns a different way. No matter how well his or her teacher explains the material, some students simply need more time to practice the skill. Tutoring also provides a supportive environment for ...

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Milan Martin has a BA in Business Finance with 3+ years of Math, Reading, History and Grammar experience. She also tutors for GA Milestones, ACT, SAT & Study Skills. She enjoys helping students get excited about math & reading.



Jeanéva is a native of Atlanta, Georgia with a B.A. & M.A. in Spanish. With 10+ years of tutoring experience in Spanish she strives to cultivate independent & confident learners by developing and improving academic support to supplement class learning.



David Johnson has a BA in Biology and Psychology with 5+ years of Math, Reading, Biology, Chemistry, and Beginners Spanish experience. He also tutors for GA Milestones, ACT, SAT & Study Skills. David believes every student has the capability to be a scholar. His passion for tutoring comes from his desire for learning and he looks to develop this passion in his students as well.


Dr. Marilyn Simmons Bowe

Dr. Marilyn has a BS in Biology, Chemistry and Education along with an MS Biomedical sciences and a PHD in Education. Dr. Marilyn has over eighteen (18) years of tutoring experience with science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) areas including Biology, Chemistry, and Math. She also has experience with SAT and ACT subject test. She loves to use her expertise to empower students to believe that they can achieve success in STEM areas!


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If you answered yes to any of those questions then TDA is the tutoring center for you. Our expertise covers everything from home school, college consulting, individual and group tutoring, to test prep. TDA can help you...

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